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What Are Some Cheap Patio Installation Materials and Ideas?

August 7, 2020

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A new patio installation provides added living space and enhances your property’s appearance instantly. Patios are often easier to maintain than wood decks, as wood needs constant cleaning, sealing, and other maintenance and repairs. A new patio is also often cheaper and easier to install than homeowners realize!

Cheap patio installation materials include:

  • Note that concrete can be painted or stained, and also stamped to resemble a variety of other materials including high-end stone.
  • While gravel is affordable and easy to install, it doesn’t typically offer a level surface for furniture and cooking equipment.
  • Classic red brick is an excellent way of adding charm and character to your property’s outdoor space.
  • Reclaimed pavers. Stone pavers are often expensive; however, reclaimed pavers might be an affordable way of having the stone you prefer at a price you can afford.

When shopping for cheap patio installation ideas, it’s vital that you still invest in quality materials and a professional installation services, so you know your new outdoor space will last for years to come. Knowing a bit about each option will help you decide the right choice for your home and ensure you choose a material, color, and other such details that you’ll be happy with as well.

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A homeowner would also do well to consider why it’s often best to avoid a DIY patio installation, as well as some added tips for affording that gorgeous outdoor space you’ve always wanted. In the end, you’ll then have a new patio you’ll be proud to call your own, and which provides a stunning space for relaxing and entertaining.

Everything You Need to Know About Cheap Patio Installation Materials

Before you start shopping for materials needed to build your new outdoor space, consider some added details about today’s most popular options. You can then discuss your choices with a masonry expert or patio installation contractor near you, as they can help you decide the right option for your property.

  • Concrete is made from readily available, easily harvested materials including sand, gravel, and cement. In turn, there is typically no need to blast or use otherwise harsh practices to collect those materials, making concrete an eco-friendly choice for patio flooring.
  • While you might not like the idea of a plain concrete patio floor, note that a masonry expert can paint or stain concrete virtually any color or shade, as said. Stamping concrete sections then creates the look of individual stones! Painting, staining, and stamping concrete offers the high-end look many homeowners love but for far less time and money than individual paver installation.
  • Another advantage to concrete is its level and even surface, creating a safe flooring area for foot traffic and patio furniture.
  • Gravel is affordable and somewhat easy for a homeowner to pour and install themselves. Gravel is also available in a wide range of stone shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can create a custom look that coordinates with your home’s exterior rather easily.
  • While it is typically easier to pour gravel than install concrete and other materials, note that your property’s ground will need proper preparation; you can’t simply dump rocks onto your backyard and expect to enjoy that outdoor space! Soil typically needs tilling and tamping, and then an aggregate base to hold that gravel over it.
  • Another downside to gravel is that it doesn’t offer a smooth and even surface so your patio furniture and grill might wobble and tend to shift out of position!
  • Gravel itself also tends to loosen, especially after a strong storm or if your property’s soil is overly moist or too dry. You might need to replace loose gravel more often than expected, creating more work through the years.
  • Brick pavers provide a level and even surface safe for foot traffic and furniture. Traditional red brick also coordinates well with a variety of home styles while also offering a pop of color along your property’s lawn.
  • Brick is durable and easy to reuse; consider reclaimed brick, taken from other projects, to keep that material out of landfills and use less virgin materials, for a very eco-friendly choice.
  • Real slate and other stones are often expensive and out of many homeowner’s budgets. However, patio pavers are durable and meant to last for decades, so consider reclaimed or recycled pavers. This is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice that offers the look you want at a fraction of the cost of new pavers.

Why Patio Installation Is Not a DIY Job

Patio installation might seem somewhat simple and straightforward to many homeowners, who often assume you simply need to flatted the soil and then add some pavers and tap them into place. However, durable and attractive patio installation is far more involved!

First note that a professional patio installation contractor might help you mark off your intended space and ensure it is large enough to accommodate all your furniture and other items. You might even find out that your proposed patio is too large, with awkward, empty spaces you’ll want to remove.

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Soil conditions affect how well concrete, brick, and other materials last over the years. If your property has too much moisture, this might allow patio flooring to sink and settle. A professional patio installer will know how to inspect soil and might suggest treating it with clay, lime, or other such materials before the installation process begins.

When installing brick or paver stones, it’s also more difficult to set these out in straight lines than you might realize, and even more complicated to create patterns, a rounded patio space, curved walkways, and the like. A homeowner should never assume that they can simply install those materials “freeform” and expect to end up with an attractive patio space, as it often takes years of training and experience to create even spaces and particular designs and patterns.

Proper patio installation also involves more than simply setting down brick or pavers; these pieces needs proper spacing so that they don’t push against each other, increasing the risk of cracks and splits. Pavers and stone also need to be tapped into place, so they stay snug and firm and don’t shift out of position. Gravel also needs tamping, so that it doesn’t slide out from under you every time you walk across your new patio!

Quick and Cheap Patio Installation and Decoration Ideas

Now that you’ve some popular choices for cheap patio installation flooring and materials, why not consider a few other ways to save money without sacrificing that beautiful outdoor space you’ve always wanted? One suggestion is to use plants and landscaping to add privacy and separation to your space rather than investing in expensive glass partitions, outdoor curtains, and the like. A masonry expert can typically erect very affordable concrete walls, stained and stamped to coordinate with your brick flooring and with space for added shrubbery, tall bushes, and other plantings.

A masonry expert or patio installation contractor can also typically build a fire feature into your patio. While this initial cost might be a bit higher than investing in outdoor heaters, consider that a fire feature might only need some firewood to add warmth and visual interest to your space! Outdoor heaters typically use tremendous amounts of power to operate, so your new fireplace might be far cheaper to use in the long run.

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When shopping for new patio furniture, consider carefully the material. Cheap wicker might mean saving money now but wicker, rattan, and other such woven materials typically wear out far sooner than metal, plastic, and teak. Many plastic materials are also painted and coated to resemble wood or metal, offering a high-end look for far less cost. You also don’t need to worry about plastic furniture fading over the years or leaving it out in the rain!

There are also many cost-effective ways of adding color and texture to your outdoor space. Outdoor rugs and cushions soften the look of patio flooring and furniture and also offer lots of color, patterns, and texture. Potted plants also soften the space; look for blooming plants such as African violets, peace lily, and begonia for spots of color and fragrance.

A masonry expert or patio installation contractor might also have other ideas for adding space and style to your property without breaking the bank. For instance, creating a walkway through your property provides a safe and clean way to get around the yard while also breaking up a long stretch of grass. Pouring concrete walkways that coordinate with your new patio means a cohesive look that fits just about any budget!

A homeowner might also consider overhead shade sails rather than an expensive pergola installation. Shade sails stretch across a space, providing lots of shade and protection from the elements. A patio installation contractor can typically work shade sails into their design, providing posts for their corners that coordinate with patio flooring. This ensures you have all the shade and comfort you need on your patio without the cost of stand-alone umbrellas, pergolas, gazebos, awnings, and other such installations.


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