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Experienced Building Restoration Contractors in Boston

Top-Notch Services for Building Restoration in Boston

If your home or business has suffered vandalism, a fire, flood, or other natural disaster, you need top-notch building restoration services in Boston. Masonry restoration for Boston structures rebuilds brick and stone exterior walls, chimneys, walkways, and other features, ensuring structural stability and safety.

Never assume that you need to tear down your beloved home or business and rebuild from the ground up no matter the damage suffered! Building restoration services in Boston by the experts at Boston Masonry and Hardscapes returns your home or office to a like-new condition, for a safe and stable structure, ready for reoccupation.

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When You Need Building Restoration in Boston

Boston building restoration is more involved than simple masonry repairs. Brick and mortar repair and other building restoration in Boston is needed to correct severe damage after a natural disaster or other catastrophic event.

  • Damaged mortar requires tuckpointing, or replacing broken or weathered masonry with fresh materials
  • Severe cracks and chips might require sawing through masonry, removing damaged materials and replacing them with new brick and stone
  • Patching is often insufficient for vandalized or otherwise damaged materials, which require full-scale building restoration services

Whatever the damage to brick walls and chimney, mortar, and other masonry materials, rely on our team of professional building restoration contractors for complete building restoration you can trust!

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Don’t Put Off Building Restoration in Boston

If your Boston area structure is showing signs of severe masonry damage or has suffered through vandalism or a natural disaster, don’t put off needed building restoration in Boston!

  • Broken brick and damaged mortar are at risk of collapsing over time
  • Gaps in brick and mortar allow in outside moisture as well as rodents and other pests!
  • Buckling and heaving brick and stone walkways are unsafe for foot traffic

Whatever your needs for building restoration in Boston, don’t delay. Call our building restoration masons for more information about our fantastic services.

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We Love Boston’s Historic Buildings As Much As You Do!

Boston Masonry and Hardscapes is a locally owned and operated company, proud to call the Boston area home! We love Boston’s historic homes and buildings as much as their owners, and are dedicated to ensuring aged and damaged structures retain their old-world charm no matter the repairs needed.

We also offer a full line of Boston masonry services, if you need new brickwork, stone walkways, patio installations, or any other masonry and hardscaping for your beautiful Boston property!



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Boston Masonry and Hardscapes offers a full line of masonry restoration in Boston, including repairs, hardscaping, and all other brick and stonework installation and repairs you need to have done.

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