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How to Restore Masonry Walls

July 30, 2019

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Brick, stone, or other such masonry walls add a rich elegance to any property. Brick homes are classic and provide a welcoming look while stone exterior walls and fences create a stately look for a property. Exposed interior brick also provides a rustic, natural look appreciated by many homeowners!

While brick and stone are durable materials meant to last for years if not decades before needing repairs, even the strongest materials need restoration eventually. While it’s best to call a masonry repair company for large cracks, chips, and other damage, note a few tips for restoring the appearance of masonry walls and fixing minor surface imperfections.

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How to Clean and Restore Masonry Walls

If your property’s masonry walls only need a thorough cleaning, first start with a through surface clean. For interior walls, use a vacuum cleaner hose and brush attachment and vacuum away dirt and dust. For exterior walls, invest in a stiff-bristled broom and sweep those walls!

Next, wet down the brick. For interior walls, use a spray bottle; for exterior walls, a garden hose will do. Then, mix some table salt and dish soap and scrub the walls with a gentle scrub brush. Rinse them again and wipe away any residues with a clean, damp cloth.

How to Restore Masonry Wall Mortar

For broken or discolored mortar, first chip it away with a hammer and chisel. Remove enough material that nearby bricks become loose.

Next, fill in the gap you just created with new mortar. Dampen the cavity and use wet mortar as a patching compound. Be sure to scrape away loose or wet mortar above the line of brick, so your new mortar matches the current materials.

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Repainting Old Brick

To restore old and worn brick, choose an exterior house paint in a few shades of red. For exterior brick, dab the paint onto the brick rather than rolling it on, to create a natural look.

To repaint brick around a fireplace or other area where you prefer a monotone look, choose a fuzzy paint roller meant to seep into cracks and crevices of surfaces. These rollers ensure the paint covers all the pits and pores of brick as well as adjoining mortar and other materials, for a fresh new look you’re sure to love.


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